In the past, I have contemplated if life is just a random fluke of events or is there a composer orchestrating life with all its beauty. Are we all independent of each other or is there a bigger force that ties us together? Why do we feel so separate from the world when each of us comes from the same place, regardless of culture, gender, etc? Physics tells us that energy is transferred and never lost which is what many spiritual followers believe as well, because in death the soul is thought to be entering or transferring into the afterlife. Some people view science and spirituality as different, while others view the idea as a spiritual science in itself.

It is my belief that all living things are connected and share certain energy some cultures call chi, prana, etc. My best analogy is to think of people as pieces that come from the same puzzle but each person is a different piece which, when put together make a new image that each individual piece could not create alone. We can understand other humans through feelings as they become our mirror or lens through which we perceive life. Our conciseness is unique but at the same time shared in a sense that many would call destiny or fate.

In the book The Divine Matrix: Bridging Time, Space, Miracles, and Belief, author Gregg Braden talks about a fundamental force of the universe he calls the Matrix. Braden talks about how the Matrix was known by ancient cultures and overlooked by most of the modern scientific community but there are beautiful synchronicities when these ideas are viewed with a quantum physics mindset. For those that don’t understand the difference between regular physics and quantum physics let me explain.

Regular physics is what we understand as normal in example gravity, inertia, buoyancy, friction, etc. Quantum physics is where we look at the smallest of particles which include the pieces of an atom and how their behavior breaks the rules set by what is understood by normal physics. There have been experiments that show how electrons can be connected together and transmit signals instantaneously regardless of distance. Another experiment shows how electrons can sense the future when observed and change into a photon (wave) or remain a particle.

Branden talks about how quantum physics is a helpful tool to see what many ancient cultures wrote about so many years ago. When you think about it, if the stuff (atoms) that makes up everything, is connected somehow by a force or other means, then that would mean all life is connected through energy. When researching near-death experiences many people talk about a string connected to their spirit as the rise out of their body. People that report this say that the string is connected to all living things on the planet. Maybe there is more to learn but we are limited due to our senses.

Braden talks about how our universe maybe holographic and conciseness is the universe splitting itself into many but for us to be truly holographic creations each individual person would need to contain the whole universe inside themselves. This is a heavy thought but according to quantum physics, things happen instantly meaning there is no delay for a signal to travel. If things happen instantly than maybe energy isn’t traveling in bursts but rather it is an activation in the quantum realm felt within two entities sharing a concise moment together.

I believe we are all connected in this reality and possibly even other realities that we are not aware of. We have learned so much as a society moving forward but we have also forgotten many spiritual techniques our ancestors left behind as mentioned by Braden. I think we as a society need to remember sacred things like the stars, the earth, the moon, and the spirits. I believe when we utilize these ideas in our lives we can start to feel connected to our higher selves. As the wisdom from the emerald tablets states, “As above, so below. As within, so without. As the universe, so the soul”.

Knowledge is power but wisdom is everything!

-Mario Valerio-